Birth Services

Prenatal and Birth Doula service $700
-Free initial interview
-2 Prenatal visits(discussing birth expectation, concerns and aspirations, discuss/write birth plan, discuss pain management, as birth gets closer discuss and practice labor positions, and so much more)
-unlimited calls and texts through out pregnancy
-labor support at home or birth choice in active labor
-Postpardum visit to discuss breastfeeding, healing and the birth.

Prenatal and Birth Herbalist Service $700
-Initial  intake interview
-1-2 prenatal appointments focused on herbal support
-Herbal support and education through pregnancy for commen to less commen pregnancy ailments
-Support in writing a prenatal and birth plan supported by herbs
-Pain management education
-Support and education guidance through labor during active labor
-essential oils used during labor
-unlimited calls and texts
-15% off all teas, remedies and tintures offered by Nicole Stidham certified herbalist
-Monthly 10oz bag of loose leaf tea tailored to your current needs
-free loose leaf individual infuser
-2 herbal baths

Combined Package Doula and Herbal services $1000
-All services provided in Prenatal and Birth doula
-All services provided in Prenatal and Birth Herbal service

Hosting a Blessingway $110
-Discuss plans for ceremony
-Bring supplies for ceremony
-Create Event on Facebook or send invites
-Special Gift
-2 hour party
( Doesn't include location or food if desired)
-Belly Henna by Morgan(additional cost)

Pregnant Belly Casting $110
-Supplies for casting
-2 hour for casting
-Can be done at Blessingway or separate time

Deluxe Doula Package without Herbal service $900
-All services in Prenatal and Birth Doula package
-Belly Casting

DeluxeDoula Package with Herbal Service $1200
-All services in Prenatal and Birth Doula package
-All services in Prenatal and Birth Herbal package
-Belly Casting

Placenta Encapsulating for a client $100
-Pick up and drop off 
-Keepsake Print
-All encapsulated pills made from placenta in Amber glass bottle
-Tincture in alcohol 

Placenta Encapsulating Non-Client $200