Meet Nicole

Please meet Nicole she is a 35 year old mother to 6 children.  Her oldest is 14 and newest was born late June of 2014.  She has had a love of all things birth for a long time and hopefully will be transferring all of her cherished birth stories(hospital and home) to the blog soon.  Nicole has experienced many aspects of birth in her own birth journeys.  Her first 2 births were at a hospital involving an induction and although they were beautiful the gap in care sent her on a quest for something different. Her next 3 births were at home and attended by a midwife.  Those were all a very fun variations of normal birth, including waterbirth, posterior, brow present and her local claim to fame a 10lb 13oz baby boy with a safe true double knot. Her last birth and prenatal care was under a midwife group serving at Harris Hospital in Cleburne. It was a very gentle all natural birth. 

Her interest in alternative medicine was long coming, she started taking science prerequisites to enter into the medical field about 10 years ago. Finally narrowing it down to a very exclusive surgical program.  To her surprise she was accepted into the program. The experience and the science behind everything was soaked up and cherished but reluctantly it was becoming very evident to Nicole that she had a more deep rooted belief in the healing powers of nutrition, alternative medicine and the human body its self.  Almost half way thru the program she left to start the study of American folk herbs. With a growing family and homeschool it took several years to complete her Herbal certification and still hopes to get a Master Herbalist Certification officially some day.  While finishing her certification she found a great want to attend woman during labor, which seems quite natural because of Nicole's great love of attending to peoples needs. 

Since completing her Doula Certification and Herbal Certification Nicole has trained to be a Hypnobabies Doula and taken an extremely esteemed training with SpinningBabies and myofacia release. Her studies to be a Naturopathic Physician and Master Herbalist continue. 

Her philosophies are simple, "Trust Your Instincts, And Allow Me The Honor of Being Your Guide"