Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta consumption, placentophagy is a long tradition that has mostly been kept alive by Traditional Chinese Medicine.  More than 99% of all mammals do consume their placentas and so did most humans until our more recent history. Placenta consumption has many possible benefits that have been documented. There are many ways to consume it such as drinking in a smoothy but the most popular is dehydrated and in capsules to accommodate our modern pallet and perception.

Some of the benefits are:
-Contains your own natural hormones so it's perfectly made by you
-Balances your system
-Replenishes depleted iron
-Gives you more energy
-Lessens postpartum bleeding
-Has been shown to increase milk production
-Helps you to have a happier postpartum period by equalizing the quickly reduced hormonal state of your physical body
-Helps to hasten the return of your uterus to its pre- pregnancy state through the oxytocin contained in your encapsulated placenta
-Helps return your pelvis and hips return to pre pregnancy placement by prolonging the hormone relaxant  allowing joints to keep adjusting
-Can also be helpful during your monthly cycle, menopause, for general mood swings, periods of major life transition, etc. if properly stored for later use.

I choose to process client's placenta in the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) method, but if requested both the TCM and raw method can be arranged. I have studied the microbiology of placentas traditionally and placentophagy extensively. I also keep a food handlers license up to date
and have a Blood Borne Pathogen certification directed for placenta encapsulates over seen by
OSHA.  Services provided exclude:

-Pick up of placenta at place of birth with in a 50 mile radius(mileage fee after 51+ miles)
-Drop off of prepared placenta
-Amber Glass jar containing capsules/pills
-1 oz. Tincture
-Placenta print as applicant-able
-Cord keepsake as applicant able
-Keepsake Necklace/Pendent created with dehydrated placenta(choose one, additional Pendants $25)

Service w/ a Doula package add-on $100

Non doula Clients $200