Friday, August 29, 2014

Baby Isabella

Finally, after having our little Isabella with us 2 months I'll introduce her.

Here she Is.  Baby Isabella, fondly called Izzy.  She was born June 25, 2014 after about 6 hours of mild labor. It wasn't until I decided to head to the hospital about an hour before she was born that labor picked up.  I truly believe it was the hypnobabies training that kept my labor painless almost through out. Delivery at Harris in Cleburne is unlike almost all hospitals, it is as close to home as possible; I had no IV and our precious baby was never taken out of the room.

These were taken by the amazing Crystal Thom Photography. She has kinda become our unofficial family photographer.

She fits in well already.
And this is sometimes what happens when you cry and have an 11 year old brother.